Commuting to school in the winter

I am lucky to live in an amazing place for riding year-round: Sospel is a little village one valley off the French Riviera, a stone thrown from the Italian border. The slight downside is the commute to my job: it is a 40 minutes’ drive each way with the car to the high school where... Continue Reading →

Why did I choose gravel bikes?

I love the freedom of roaming on any given mountain-side that mountain biking offers. You just look at a mountain, find a trail and go explore. Even though you spend hours studying a topo map, there is always the uncertainty of the trail being cleaned, some farmers decided to park his livestock up there or... Continue Reading →

Village of the Damned

The Legend goes that in the 14th century, Queen Jeanne the 1st of Naples who was on the run with her children after being accused of poisoning her first husband, Andre of Hungary, found a hiding place in  her Castle in Rocca Sparviera. Nestled on the top of a 1100m mountain, with a impregnable view... Continue Reading →

Mini adventure in Paillons

It had been forever since Matt Wragg and I went on an adventure together, due past end of season injury, work, different training regimen, illness, you name. We simply did not make time to enjoy each others' company on a day-long ride. We put it right this week and I took him on a mini... Continue Reading →

Summer update

Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote an entry, the last one was right after I got back on a bike at the end of May, so over 3 month ago: I've been mountain biking since the end of May (less than 2 month post surgery), pretty early apparently for someone with a... Continue Reading →

Post-surgery update #3

8 weeks separate my knee from surgery. It has been quite an interesting journey so far and this is just the beginning. Morale has been on a rollercoaster, going up and down depending on how recovery was going but my main moto has been "babysteps" as I had to be careful not to rush into... Continue Reading →

Post surgery update #2

Time is starting to fly again: 8 physio sessions, 2 post-op check-ups with the ortho surgeon and now 3.5 weeks have passed since surgery.   I had to say goodbye to my rigid knee-brace and welcomed a hinged one that helps me move more freely and doesn't make me walk like a pirate with a... Continue Reading →

Post surgery update #1

It has been 19 days since I got surgery to replace my ACL by a cadaver graft and I got myself a "zombie knee". It is weird how easily you can procrastinate when you don't have much time on your hands but as soon as you are on forced rest it gets boring really ,... Continue Reading →


It is hard to believe that this past week I had my first surgery: I've been able to go through life un-sliced for the past 18 years - when I broke my first (couple of) bone(s). Before MTBing, the other two sports that lead me to the hospital more than once were horse show jumping and... Continue Reading →

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