Post surgery update #2

Time is starting to fly again: 8 physio sessions, 2 post-op check-ups with the ortho surgeon and now 3.5 weeks have passed since surgery.   I had to say goodbye to my rigid knee-brace and welcomed a hinged one that helps me move more freely and doesn't make me walk like a pirate with a... Continue Reading →

Post surgery update #1

It has been 19 days since I got surgery to replace my ACL by a cadaver graft and I got myself a "zombie knee". It is weird how easily you can procrastinate when you don't have much time on your hands but as soon as you are on forced rest it gets boring really ,... Continue Reading →


It is hard to believe that this past week I had my first surgery: I've been able to go through life un-sliced for the past 18 years - when I broke my first (couple of) bone(s). Before MTBing, the other two sports that lead me to the hospital more than once were horse show jumping and... Continue Reading →

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